CBD Ireland Online About us

CBD Ireland Online is a family run, Irish owned, online shop dedicated to offering the best quality CBD oil and Hemp oil products. Our passion to provide the best quality CBD products comes from our own research and trials. Buying and searching online can be very misleading, so we are here to provide a transparent service, assisting you as best we can to ensure you get the best quality products as the best prices. 


 What is CBD oil?

CBD is sourced from the hemp plant. CBD is extracted from non-marijuana strains of the cannabis plant. The marijuana plant and the hemp plant are both from the 'cannabis' family, but hemp does not contain sufficient amounts of ingredient known as THC. THC is the ingredient in cannabis that has 'psychoactive' effects and it is particularly prevalent in the marijuana cannabis plant. 

Hemp cannabis does not contain enough THC to cause 'psychoactive' effects and is therefore industrially produced specifically to allow us to benefit from CBD without the effects of THC. 


Please note - Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health issues.